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October 4, 2014


Looks like the .beer TLD is now available. At $25.50 a year, it’s an expensive domain name but I bought it for a few years and that URL redirects to this blog. still works just fine! No need to update your bookmarks or RSS reader but you can also visit if you’re interested.

February 20, 2014


I know it’s been a bit boring on this blog lately. Every day, another stupid one-off review copied and pasted from my lazy RateBeer profile taken with a camera on ‘auto’ mode. I get it. That gets really boring. Obviously, I’m still drinking quality beers with great friends and have thinned out my cellar quite […]

December 20, 2013


It’s my favorite post of the year, where I get to reflect on the past 12 months in beer and summarize the adventures in beer as I approach the start of a 3rd year in this hobby. Lots of number crunching but first, going to go snowboarding and reflect at the top of the mountain. […]

December 4, 2013


This is still sort of a blip of thought process and nothing really concrete but I’ve been thinking about doing more non-beer stuff. Obviously, it’s my blog and I can do what I want but the feedback is valuable. Ten years ago, I had almost a dozen blogs on every subject matter that interested me. […]

November 6, 2013


Update: Jayson has removed the post with the images. I appreciate his coming forward and admitting the mistake was truly a mistake and removing the blog post. I’m leaving this post up for posterity but removing his last name and company name. ============ It’s nice when people use my photos. Sometimes they ask permission and […]

October 18, 2013


There hasn’t been a lot of posting here lately. So I’ll give a brief update for anyone that cares and then go back to obsessively hoarding beer and working on the ultimate Untappd badge available, “Type II Diabetes”. Okay but serious, lots has been happening lately so I thought a bulleted update would be fun. […]

October 6, 2013


I was contacted by a local magazine editor who asked for some photos and editorial content that focuses on local brew pubs in our area. It’s in October’s issue of NH Magazine available at newsstands everywhere but also published online. Here’s an excerpt: Rik Marley is the brewmaster and was previously at the Woodstock Inn, […]

September 12, 2013


I started the beer haul posts here because I thought they were a lot of fun. People I trade with can see their beers on my blog, I can easily add things to my Cellar excel spreadsheet once a month using those photos and I can have some fun with it like glass-ware hauls and […]

July 22, 2013


Looks like the site was down while I was gone all weekend. It was an issue at the web host with server permissions. Weekends are slow for visitors anyway so it looks like no loss really. Thanks for the 2 emails I got about it this morning.

May 30, 2013


Will the real Adam Harbaugh please stand up? For some reason, Mr. Harbaugh’s real or faked comments on my eBay post last year have led to my blog being #1 when you search for his name + beer. That’s a shame because I’ve never met Adam, I hear he’s a nice guy but I also […]

April 8, 2013


Not that I’ve heard any complaints but one reader did email me asking why I haven’t posted any reviews. The truth is, I’ve been spending the last month drinking down “undesirables” in my cellar and will continue this for quite a while. Whales are sleeping happily in my cellar but I’m working through a log […]

March 29, 2013


On March 15th of 2012, I started this beer blog because most of my readers of the main blog didn’t care about beer. This blog, after only a year is about half of the size of the other one in daily visitors which is quite an accomplishment. Also on the past year, I have posted […]

February 21, 2013


I queued up a metric ton (okay, a daily blog post) of reviews for some beers I recently opened for the next week so all of the weirdos who actually read what I post here will have something to look at or, at the very least, some pretty photos of beer. Tomorrow afternoon, I leave […]

January 2, 2013

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In lieu of my once a year palate cleansing, I won’t be reviewing or trading any beer in January. This means that I’ll complete older trades but not initiate new ones. I also won’t be drinking any beer and will try to avoid buying any. I may do some home brewing in January but that’s […]

December 19, 2012


  Of the 6,120 searches in the last couple of months from that arrived at my blog, most of them are searching for the blog name itself (as seen above) and almost all of them are from some of the same 50 IP addresses. This constant searching for my blog has lead to Google […]

September 10, 2012


I received a message from someone who reads this blog: “Dude, are you drinking tiny bottles of beer or is that wine glass larger than a 750? That damn wine glass looks huge!” Your eyes do not deceive you. This wine vessel is actually my favorite glass ever. I had one of these a while […]

August 30, 2012


My goal this month was to surpass last mont’s beer reviews. I did 100 in the month of July reaching 500 reviews. I ended up completing 113 reviews this month…plus or minus a few more this weekend while I’m in New York. I should hit 125 for the month of August. This isn’t a game […]

August 21, 2012


I was interviewed for a recent article about eBay and beer sales for Vermont brewers like Shaun Hill and Sean Lawson. I’ve been lucky to have been in a lot of phone interviews but in most of them I’m misquoted and it makes things worse. The author did a great job on this and got […]

May 26, 2012


Briefly since I haven’t posted in a few days but I’m in Europe and now in Belgium and will remain traveling until June 4th. I am reviewing a lot of beers and taking photos but I won’t post anything here until I have time which will probably be when I am back home. Anyway. That’s […]

May 9, 2012


Anonymous, “Hey, I bet you made bank on that post. Way to go on link-baiting every craft beer community on the web.” …Nope. Not “bank” in any way. I’ve been blogging since 1999 and have had some big successes and small ones. This blog (both my personal and my beer blog) are just ways to […]

March 19, 2012


Following some excellent work from Tristan Mace, there are a few site improvements. The most noticeable and important is that comments are enabled. Have a question? Ask away!