June 20, 2012
How to Make your RateBeer.com Reviews Look GREAT


My beer reviews on RateBeer look nice. I like them compared to the reviews from others. Not that I’m a great reviewer because I’m not. My palate is still developing and sometimes, I get lazy. 

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Most reviews on RateBeer are 1-2 sentences and it’s hard to find just the Taste or Smell notes from each. So, I put together a template that I use when writing each review. Maybe you can put this to good use? 



A – 


S – 


T – 


M – 


O – 


1st line is notes such as where I had the bottle, glass type, beer serving temp and other details. Then, I do Appearance, Smell, Taste, Mouthfeel and Overall separated by two line breaks. This makes things a tiny bit easier to read. Some guys have other processes here but this is mine. Feel free to use it and, if you have a better way, let me know.

  • “facepalm”

    So essentially you copied the format 90% of Beer Advocate reviewers use and applied it to RB.  Congratulations on your stunning creativity.

  • AdamHarbaugh

    Normally I don’t think its a good idea for people to read reviews of a beer before they review the beer, but for you I might recommend it.  Some of these flavors you are tasting don’t exist, and you might learn to pick out flavors you wouldn’t have otherwise.

    Also, its LP Geuze, not Kriek.  edit your review’s first line.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/levi.brae Levi Bruh

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