October 26, 2012
★ Reason Seven-Hundred and Something for why I remain Loyal to AirBNB…

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Yesterday morning, I realized my Pizza Cutter was missing. I looked EVERYWHERE which led me to clean up all of my kitchen drawers. Only a handful of times have things gone missing following AirBNB guests staying in my house. Most of the time, towels are taken or someone uses an entire bottle of shampoo. Once, someone drank some of my beers from the cellar.

Each time, my very passive, “well this sucks” tweets isn’t meant to get any sort of response. It’s just me tweeting what’s happening. 

Each time, AirBNB sends me a box overnighted with a replacement.

Thanks AirBNB

Thanks AirBNB

Thanks AirBNB

Thanks AirBNB! You all are incredible.