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March 22, 2015

Comments Off on I won the company Chili Cook-Off last week!

I’ve never cooked Chili before. I’ve had it a few times but it’s not something I really care for. Most chili is too soupy, runny and lacks big chunks of the best things that make chili great (meat & tomatoes and beans). The second issue with Chili is that sometimes it’s too spicy and it’s […]

March 12, 2015

Comments Off on Culinary: New Office Coffee Setup

I’m in a new role at work where I’m in the office every day, 8-10 hours a day which is a departure from the previous role which allowed for more flexibility along with some very early start times due to meetings with Europe and India. The change has brought me to a caffeine lover’s crossroad. […]

February 14, 2015

Comments Off on My old-buddy Justine has a pizza named after her at Pizza Hut!

Last week, when I heard Justine Ezarik or as most of you know her as iJustine had a pizza named after her at Pizza Hut that she designed herself, I gave up my liquid diet for a few hours and ordered one. It was pretty darn good.  Really impressive stuff but given her physique, I […]

January 28, 2015

Comments Off on Culinary: Belgian Beef Stew

Over the last few years, my friend Tim in Gent Belgium has made beef stew for me. I tried to make it at home without his recipe and failed miserably so last month, I asked Tim if he could send me a recipe. It turns out that Belgians don’t keep an official Flemish stew recipe […]

January 5, 2015

Comments Off on Goodbye Starbucks Gold Status

  In April, I bought an espresso maker and renewed my love for coffee. This was after spending 3 weeks of my Spring in San Francisco drinking great coffee and another 2 weeks in Europe also drinking great coffee…coffee that wasn’t brewed by Starbucks. I went to Starbucks a total of 15 times in 2014 […]