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August 28, 2015

Comments Off on Linked: “The Martini FAQ”

via rdwarf: 1.0 The Essentials Q: What is a Martini? (1.1) A: Do you want the short answer or the long answer? Q: The short one first, please. A: A Martini is a cocktail containing unequal portions of gin and dry vermouth (in a ratio of somewhere between 2:1 and 15:1, inclusive) served chilled, in […]

August 27, 2015

Comments Off on Linked: “6 Tricks to Get 86% More Chipotle Burrito”

via ApartmentList: It’s basically a universal truth that the only thing better than Chipotle is…more Chipotle. I’m no religious scholar, but I’m pretty sure heaven is just one big Chipotle restaurant where the guac and chips are ALWAYS free and hell is just some Taco Bell. So when one of my co-workers at Apartment List […]

July 24, 2015

Comments Off on Linked: “I love The Verge, but man…”

via Imorchard: Wow. Devtools performed a second reload of the page to get an overall performance analysis. This time it downloaded 12MB – a little over 7MB in that is JavaScript! I run ad blocking software and Ghostery on every browser (soon in iOS9 once it ships) the reason is not that I don’t believe […]

July 24, 2015

Comments Off on Linked: “The Story of My 20s, as Told in Amazon Purchases”

via Gawker: I first started using Amazon when I was 22, in 2003. I don’t have many specific memories from this awkward transition into adulthood; in a pre-Facebook world, it was much easier to forget life’s little moments, especially the painful ones I had no interest in remembering. I’ve been wanting to do this for […]

July 22, 2015

Comments Off on Tech: TomTom adds Geo-Tagged Image support to Map Share Reporter

via TomTom Map Share Reporter: NEW Add a photo of the situation A geotagged photo helps us to process your report and update our map. I work for a pretty cool company. We make maps for ourselves and a lot of very cool companies. When a customer tells us there’s a change in the map […]