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July 9, 2015

Comments Off on I, Justine: My Review Part 1

Justine Ezarik has written a book. In writing this review, it became clear that I have 2 reviews to provide. The first being a proper review of her book as an insider and someone who has known Justine since 2001. The second, a funny realization that Justine’s story is mine in a lot of ways. […]

December 24, 2014

Comments Off on Look who finally broke down and bought a freaking kilt?

After many years (almost 10) of seeing men in Kilts @ computer expos, Mac User Groups, Photoshop World and lately, beer festivals, I decided last week to buy a kilt. Utilikilts is the one I kept hearing about. I just put this on this afternoon so I’ll wait a few weeks before I really weigh […]

December 9, 2014

Comments Off on Is a Masters Degree the new normal?

I don’t have a lot of real-life friends but it seems like the ones I do encounter are in a few small groups. A large number getting only associate degrees A greater number getting a Masters Degree More than a handful of people going for their Doctorate I don’t pretent to know much about college-life. […]

December 4, 2014

Comments Off on Music: Speaking of awesome things I’ve enjoyed lately…

As I get older, the variety of new music that interests me gets less and less. I don’t use the radio or listen to online radio. I mostly listen to what’s in iTunes or will purchase music from artists I liked growing up. Coldplay’s Ghost Stories has to be one of my top albums of […]

December 4, 2014

Comments Off on Film: Saw Interstellar again

70MM is still the best format to experience this film and tonight is the last night that most theaters in America will be playing Interstellar. All of the 70MM theatres in my 5 hour radius are showing it for a last time this evening. I’ve now seen it in 35mm film, 35mm IMAX and 70mm […]