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July 28, 2015

Comments Off on Technology: We have a Tesla Supercharger in West Lebanon, NH USA

This is great! I saw these under construction a few weeks ago but it seems now that we have the first Tesla Supercharger in NH/VT right here in my home-town! I stopped by tonight to snap a few photos:

July 22, 2015

Comments Off on Tech: TomTom adds Geo-Tagged Image support to Map Share Reporter

via TomTom Map Share Reporter: NEW Add a photo of the situation A geotagged photo helps us to process your report and update our map. I work for a pretty cool company. We make maps for ourselves and a lot of very cool companies. When a customer tells us there’s a change in the map […]

July 2, 2015

Comments Off on Technology: Camping with Apple Watch, Apple Music, Zero Cell Service and no Camera

Tomorrow evening (Thursday), I’ll be heading up into the mountains of Northern Vermont with some friends to camp for 4 days. This is my first trip with my sort of new living situation of life with Apple Watch and Apple Music.  Apple Watch requires daily charging and luckily, we’re car camping so I can run […]

June 30, 2015

Comments Off on My only issue that remains with streaming music…

It requires a data connection. I’ve disabled iTunes Match / Cloud on my iOS devices. The stream never works. I have very weak 3G everywhere I go and Spotify, Pandora, none of these work. It’s my fault for living out in the woods. I’m going to give Apple Music a go but I’ll probably only […]

June 25, 2015

Comments Off on Tapping into passive goodwill with Smartphones

On FieldGuide, there is an article titled, “4 Ways to Use Your Smartphone for a Good Cause”. I’ve been thinking about this for a while both personally and professionally. Today’s modern cellular phone collects more data than we ever could have envisioned. My iPhone and Apple Watch inform me of how many flights of stairs […]