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September 30, 2015

Comments Off on How iTunes Behaves Once Apple Music is Cancelled

The songs I added to my library while my Apple Music Subscription was active are in my library but I’m unable to play them. That’s a pretty smart message. The thing is, I have two different file types in my library from Apple Music tracks: AAC Audio File Apple Music AAC audio file Both give […]

September 30, 2015

Comments Off on Reeder 3 for OS X El Capitan

I was pleasantly surprised to see this available today. The new icon is very stark and difficult to get used to amid such a colorful array of icons in the dock but the release notes and UI of the application are very nice improvements over Reeder 2! Huge thanks to the developer for being so […]

September 29, 2015

Comments Off on Technology: Automatic continues to innovate

I’ve written about Automatic, the car dongle a few times. Not only is it now a fantastic platform for tracking my trips and where I go even when the iPhone is not present but their dashboard has a lot of power and shows me for example where my mechanic went with my car when he […]

September 25, 2015

Comments Off on Technology: Unboxing the Apple iPhone 6S, Rose Gold, 128GB (2015)

I picked up a new iPhone today. I tried to get the iPhone 6S Plus but the two Verizon stores in my area didn’t receive a single phone in the larger screen size despite the color and, nada. I will be happy overall with this considering my docks and such will fit with the […]

September 25, 2015

Comments Off on Hello from the Verizon Store Line, 2015 iPhone 6S Release

It’s a bit hard to believe that I’ve been waiting outside of retail stores since 2007 for an iPhone launch. Back in 2007, it was my local Cingular Store and those photos are STILL on Flickr: Here I am today, many year’s later outside of a Verizon store: Anyway, it’s September of 2015 and like […]