December 11, 2014

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Dear Soylent supporter,

We are happy to inform you that shipping labels have been printed for your order. Please note in some cases it may take 24-48 hours for your tracking number to become active.

Congratulations on being one of the first people to try Soylent 1.2! 

If you have any questions or concerns about your Soylent order, please reply to this email.

The following items were included in this shipment:

1 x Kit of Pitcher and Scoop (1SK)
4 x 7 Soylent v1.2 bags and 7 v1.2 oil bottles (1WK-V3)

It’s time to give this a go for the month. Very exciting! As you know, I last blogged about this on June 20th. Their shipping delays are insane this year.

December 9, 2014

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I don’t have a lot of real-life friends but it seems like the ones I do encounter are in a few small groups.

  • A large number getting only associate degrees
  • A greater number getting a Masters Degree
  • More than a handful of people going for their Doctorate

I don’t pretent to know much about college-life. It was only last month that a friend had to explain to me what Tuition was and how credits work. I don’t waste time learning about things that have very little impact on my life but one thing is certain is that way more people I know are getting advanced degrees beyond the normal 4-year than I heard about as a younger kid. Growing up, I still traveled a lot and met a lot of technical and successful persons and maybe 5% had a Masters or Doctorate degree. It seems now the people I talk to at 20-25 are going after the higher degree at much higher numbers.

What does this translate to? Well, to me it means more debt and less time before you enter the workforce. 

I had a teacher in 10th grade who actually passed away 2 years ago. He was a horrible history teacher but his lessons on life and economics were extremely valuable. He didn’t follow the teaching plan and I thank him for that. He spent an afternoon back in 2002 explaining to us the tradesperson would outperform the medical doctor and it would take the doctor to age 40 to earn more than the tradesman that ended up owning his own plumbing company at age 35. The specifics here are fuzzy but the plumber had zero college debt and started earning at age 18. The doctor started earning at age 26 (or somewhere around this) and after loans were paid off and the MD started earning big bucks, it took 15 more years or so to catch up with the plumber.

I doubt this still applies today as much. The medical industry and salaries are much higher but college is more expensive and competition is fierce if my real-world observations are true and more people are getting Doctorates than ever before.

What I think though is that if you have a high-IQ and drive and a good support system of family (living at home longer, etc), you can do pretty well in life without going to college especially if a 4 year degree doesn’t mean as much as it used to given how many people are going to college for 6-8 years.

Obviously, college still has value but I do wonder how people are dealing with so much debt and twice as much time in school than they used to. It sounds horrible. I met a 24 year old today that still has 3 more years of school. That’s insane. There has to be an easier way to get an education without spending 1/3 of your life in a classroom.

December 9, 2014

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I do need to slide the station from hits to variety but so far today, this has been a really awesome station to jam with. I forgot about Junkie XL and Hybrid. Well, I didn’t forget but I certainly haven’t listened to them in a while. Throw in a little BT and life is good

Screen Shot 2014 12 09 at 9 43 39 AM

In other news, BT’s Kickstarter is now fully funded. Congrats Brian!

December 7, 2014

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via The Guardian:

With a storage capacity double the size of any current iPods still being made, versions of the 160GB Classic – which can hold around 40,000 songs – are being sold as new via Amazon for up to £670. More than 3,000 of the models – the seventh, final version came out in 2010 – have been sold on eBay since the Classic was retired in October, most for between £350 and £500.Even refurbished older models now cost far more than the £229 for which the later generations retailed.

I own 2 iPod Classics, one is a 160GB still in the plastic that lives in my car glove box and it holds almost all of my music. The other is still in the box, the largest capacity iPod classic ever produced and it holds 120GB of data. 

I’d never sell them and they are fantastic. when I travel, having all of my music on me in a device with 24 hour playback battery life and not including any data fees on my International plan is a bigger deal than you can imagine. 

The grass is always greener for some people and this secondary market shows that.

December 5, 2014

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via Esquire: 

The camera arrives in a thin, brown cardboard box. Inside the box is another box, also cardboard, but this time shiny silver with a small red dot on the side. One opens the top and the sides fall away in unison, like a Buster Keaton film set, only to reveal yet another box, this one black with hidden magnetic clasps. Open this and there is, of course, another box, grey and black this time, with that red dot again, and within this – finally – is a block of aluminium that has been polished by hand for 45 minutes (you can see a film of this on YouTube that’s called “The Most Boring Ad Ever Made?” ). Inside this aluminium block is 100 years of German engineering, and when you hold it in your hands you may unaccountably feel, as I did with all that cardboard detritus happily discarded around me, that you are holding the weighty sum of human worth.

I have lusted after Leica for many years. Every 3 years, when it’s time to update my camera body, I spend half an hour reading up on Leica and browsing used camera forums to find a deal and ultimately give up. Maybe I’ll buy one next year but I said that last year.

I think they’re beautiful cameras, exceptionally well built and I also think pompous assholes own them so maybe I’d fit right in?

Aside from the celebrity endorsements, fanatic fans and rave reviews, there’s no denying the photographs that below in Life magazine are almost all taken with a Leica camera. That’s a huge deal. These are exceptional cameras and I’d love to own one…one day.