UPDATE: The video I was in is now online. You can watch it here via YouTube or the embed is at the bottom of the post. I make an intro at 4:57. Also, WoodysGamertag posted this behind the scenes video you might enjoy.


Urban Dictionary’s definition of “YouTube Stars

One of the people in a youtube video that gets mad view counts. although youtube star status can be acheived through any type of video, people who are youtube stars are usually considered to be the type of people who have no lives and think their videos make them awesome beyond comparison.

Harley Morenstein of Epic Meal Time

My sisters exclusively get their entertainment from YouTube. For them, my friend Ben is a “celebrity” and they’re a bit creepy about it. Telling them stories about my friend Justine leads them to tears as if you were to tell me that you’re best friends with Bill Murray except I’d be stoked but not crying tears of joy. Anyone can be a celebrity if their image, achievements and popularity are high. The more you see someone in places that are exclusive like TV, magazines and web sites, it’s a complex we have as humans to follow those people and adore them. The more airplay a band has, the more popular they are despite the actual quality of their music. I was pretty cool yesterday among friends for going to this “YouTube Celebrity House Party” thing but I never really got that excited. For me, living in the mountains, any event is awesome no matter what. Let’s start at square one.

I don’t follow celebrities on Twitter. Hell, I don’t even follow accounts that don’t mutually follow me back. As I’ve said before, that’s an ego thing I have to get over. If you unfollow me, I will unfollow back no matter how much I like the person. So, I do subscribe to a few YouTube channels..18 to be exact but I don’t follow the guys who create these channels despite their tweets being pretty entertaining. I’ll check individual accounts once a month to laugh a bit but never follow. It’s a personal choice. Anyway, Saturday morning I was watching YouTube via my AppleTV when a Call of Duty commentator posted a skiing video…from Killington which is 40 minutes from my house. I was bummed that this guy was at Killington at some point and never did a mini-meetup. Not many people come to Vermont so it would have been a treat. In the description, I noticed he was at Killington right then. I commented on a YouTube video for probably the first time ever saying how bummed I was because my plan was to go snowboarding that day but I wasn’t feeling well after 6 days of eating only juice.

The day went on, I blogged about it and then I received a note from someone via email around 6PM….”Hey, why don’t you hang out with the guys tonight at Killington. Just check our Twitter accounts in a bit.” I did and I saw this:

I texted Elizabeth, put on some pants, grabbed a crap load of alcohol and jumped in the car. At 8PM, we arrived and that’s when the fun started.

Cooking with Epic Meal Time in Killington Vermont

As expected, the great thing about events in New England (Not Boston but REAL New England) is when there are events up here, don’t expect a crazy crowd which is great for me because I like more intimate gatherings. It’s why I’m skipping SXSW this year. Large crowds really dilute the experience. I’d prefer to just bullet out everything that happened below but keep in mind and I know this is being enforced too much, I’m not like giddy about meeting celebrities. I got over that in San Francisco over years of celebs being around the tech scene. However, from a “fan” perspective, these are all interesting things.

  1. Muscles Glasses poured me a beer. The pour wasn’t very good but having a youtube star make you drinks was certainly interesting.
  2. I got to meet FPSRussia
  3. I also met the entire Epic Meal Time cast and crew
  4. I also got to chat with WoodysGamertag
  5. I once again realized that so many of these guys really don’t know what to do with fans. They’re far more awkward about it than the fans are. You guys are celebrities now. Deal with it.
  6. I was filmed a few times during the show..not sure if those will make it into the next episode.
  7. I got to taste candied bacon cooked by EMT. It was delicious.
  8. Elizabeth was able to sit in a room where combined Twitter Followers surpassed a million. I think she enjoyed that.
  9. Some really cool people were there. Maybe a total of 15 people showed up outside of the cast & crew
  10. I got to see an episode of Epic Meal time being filmed.
  11. Laughing your ass of for 6 hours REALLY makes  you abdominals sore. I wish EpicMeal Time would upload the outtakes because these guys are REALLY funny
  12. I’m getting TOO old to stay up past midnight. My entire Sunday was ruined.
  13. 15 days into my detox of no meat or alcohol, I did have meat and alcohol. I didn’t have a lot but I did falter for one night. :(

So, that was my night in summary.

Behind the Scenes: