Linked: Nikon, “Show Your Love Some Love”

via YouTube: I think they said everything needed in this spot but I just can’t see anyone relating or understanding the message outside of photographers. Nikon is right, everyone is taking photos others like but nothing that they love. Those photos still come from traditional cameras, not the ones attached to phones. The thing is, …

Linked: “How to write a good blog post “

via OM: You start with the basic premise: respecting your reader’s time. Can they find the story somewhere else, and if yes, then WHY should they read you? What makes what you want to publish so special? Remember, readers have a million choices, to find information. They are better equipped than you. So why should …

Linked: Two Factor Auth (2FA)

via Two Factor Auth: List of websites and whether or not they support 2FA. This is awesome. Two-Factor Authentication is the best and easiest way to add extra security to your data. I’ve started choosing services over others simply because they offer it.