Life: Summer is here? Not Quite.

First Time Grilling of 2016

This weekend felt like the first time I was in Summer weather. Sure it was 55F and sure it was 38F when I was sleeping but, when the sun was out, it was pretty glorious.

Unfortunately, I detailed my car & bike and setup patio furniture and got both gardens ready for planting and then checked the weather. Snow Tuesday the 26th and below freezing at night nearly all week. So, it’s not quite summer but for one brief day, we could go outside and do yard-work.

First Time Grilling of 2016

Hill Farmstead Sumner Pale Ale

Enjoying Hill Farmstead’s latest Sumner Pale Ale

Car Wash / Bike Wash Day! - April 2016

Bike & Car are detailed (took about 4 hours total)

Linked: Nikon, “Show Your Love Some Love”

via YouTube:

I think they said everything needed in this spot but I just can’t see anyone relating or understanding the message outside of photographers. Nikon is right, everyone is taking photos others like but nothing that they love. Those photos still come from traditional cameras, not the ones attached to phones. The thing is, we as a society are past preservation completely. Preserving is old-hat. It’s all about now. Breaking-News, a moment that just occurred even if it’s raw, unfiltered, unedited and out of focus…actually those things are now selling points in our society.

I don’t think anyone is denying that traditional cameras aren’t better than smartphones but everyone agrees that they’d rather know what their friends had for dinner 5 minutes ago than 2 weeks from now. What’s worse than seeing your friend’s Hawaiian vacation unfold on Instagram for the next 7 days? Probably them sitting you down over lunch and scrolling through them one-by-one and it’s a trip that took place months ago.

Quality photography isn’t out of style. I just don’t think people care enough about lasting memories to carry an additional device with them, take photos, plug the camera into their computer, edit the photos and upload to Facebook in a batch.

Many of us do care, most of us don’t.

…and no, I don’t want a WiFi / LTE enabled SLR. I need to edit my images before posting. I really don’t want to do that on a camera and I don’t care about likes enough to post things as they happen.

Linked: “Wish List: Better GIF support in iOS and OS X”

via Six Colors:

Worse, some apps on iOS take it a step further by converting animated GIFs into static images. For example, if you paste an animated GIF into Notes—which also shows it as a static image—and then save that image to Photos, you’ll actually end up with a motionless PNG instead.

I don’t want any GIF support in OS X. If I want a motion picture, I create an MPEG. If I want a picture, I create a JPEG. Case in point, the Gizmodo RSS Feed:

Gawker has Too Many GIFs

Reeder 3, Gawker RSS Feed, there are 4 GIFs and One YouTube Video. I can’t watch the video at all even on their website. Why? Because I’m distracted by 4 GIFs moving constantly. To top it off, if I go Full-Screen with the YouTube video, my machine is still busy processing GIFs in the background. The single worst thing that happened to the Internet is the popularization of GIFs. These were a thing we all used in 1996 because Internet speeds were too slow for video to load in an efficient amount of time. Want motion? Here are 30 images compiled to make motion and it loaded pretty fast. Why we decided that looping 10-frame clips on our 150 megabit connections were a good idea is beyond me. The fact people actually click on GIFs on Reddit is also amazing. Video. GIF was a thing 20 years ago. We have videos now.

I want to yank all GIF support out of OS X and at the very least stop GIFs from playing automatically system-wide. I hope someone at Apple can make that happen.

Linked: “How to write a good blog post “

via OM:

You start with the basic premise: respecting your reader’s time. Can they find the story somewhere else, and if yes, then WHY should they read you? What makes what you want to publish so special? Remember, readers have a million choices, to find information. They are better equipped than you. So why should they come to you? What is it that you got that others don’t? Ask that question, and you come to a conclusion.

An all around great post.

Linked: “Dear Pixar: Just Admit You Make Sequels For The Money, Like Everyone Else”

via Film School Rejects:

Like I stated a couple paragraphs previously, Pixar promised an original film a year and they’ve ended up with something closer to a sequel a year. That’s not great. And what’s worse is that they haven’t announced a new original film since 2012 (when they first marked Coco on the slate). And since then, every film they’ve added- Finding Dory, Toy Story 4, The Incredibles 2, Cars 3– is a sequel.

If you look at the list of every film Pixar has made, the decline of quality there is clear. The last movie of theirs that I watched was Up. I love Pixar movies but since Up, everything is either strictly for children or a sequel.